The CIN of the company is- U74140DL2015PTC278104
Getting the “right” person for your team can be time-consuming and complex. But it’s essential to your business success, and can be even more time and resource-consuming if you make the wrong hire.
Our solutions offer our corporate clients just-in-time right talent with Speed, Efficiency, Stability & ensuring lower total cost of employee ownership. Our core philosophy is to establish stable, Ethical & Long term association with our clients and prospective candidate by delivering high quality services.

Recruitment / Staffing Solutions

We possess a capability based on knowledge of Human Resource, ranging from conceptual themes to functional expertise. There is a constant effort to integrate human potential with technological advancement

  • General Staffing
  • Non IT and IT Staffing
  • Elite Search for top management
  • Permanent Hiring
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Payroll Administration
  • Campus Hiring
  • Facility Management & Administration Contract
  • Agricultural
  • Diagnostic.